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Drive growth and innovation

A peer learning platform for employees to learn, share and apply new skills and knowledge

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An internal marketplace
for learning & development

Peer learning is the most powerful and effective way of unlocking and driving innovation in organisations. Peer Academy is a tool that enables you to uncover and utilise existing skills and knowledge within your organisation by allowing employees to learn from one another.

Organisations we've worked with

How It Works

Match with peers who have similar skills to learn and share
Exchange new skills and knowledge on-demand
Track individual learning & development progress
Collect data to assess the impact across your team or organisation
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Case Study -
Victorian Public Sector (VPS) Academy
The Victorian Public Sector (VPS) Academy pilot is an initiative sponsored by the VPS Continuous Improvement Innovation Network (VPSCIIN) and co-led by Peer Academy. The purpose of the pilot is to test a whole of Government peer learning platform for the VPS, where staff can share skills, resources and ideas. Early pilots have found the following results:
Debra Holder
VPSCIIN Manager, Dept. Premier & Cabinet
“The best way forward is through partnerships and collaborations where we share our expertise. The VPS Academy provides a wonderful opportunity for staff to support each other in their learning and their work.”
20x time saving through reduced duplication
5x faster access to the right people and knowledge
80% reduction in training costs through peer-to-peer learning
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Selected features

Give employees the tools they need to lead change

Automated Recommendations

Employees are sent automated recommendations to connect with peers who have the skills and experience they need

On-demand coaching

Employees can access the right internal expertise on-demand

Progress Updates

Employees are prompted to capture their progress based on the frequency they choose (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly).

Intergrate 365 Office

Upload internal files securely through Office365.

Peer Reviews

Employees can choose to share their progress with peers to receive feedback and recommendations for further learning and development.

Curate Knowledge

Employees can create lists of their top online resources for peers to access anytime.
‘‘We need to be innovative, we need to actually be collaborative, we need to be responsive to the needs of our citizens. That’s a very important challenge that we have a collective responsibility to rise up and meet every day in the workplace.”
Gavin Jennings MLC
Special Minister of State, Victoria
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