Session 1: Welcome

We have officially kicked off!

Our key takeaway from session 1: 

If we set up the co-design process well, the positive impact of co-design begins early. A good set up will see everyone feeling engaged, empowered and excited about the possibility of meaningful contribution.
This program is focused on learning, deep reflection and practical application
We aim to develop capability to facilitate design processes and deliver initiatives that reflect real needs
The way you set up a
co-design process is important
Co-design is not consultation, stakeholder engagement or co-production
Co-design processes should be empowering and meaningful for your end-users and stakeholders
User Stakeholder Mapping
Getting the right people in the room is crucial to a successful co-design process.

The user/stakeholder mapping tool is a simple and easy way to decide who you might involve in your design process.

Click below to download the tool


Complete these tasks before the next session:
Use your stakeholder map to:

Identify key end users and stakeholders, then prepare to invite them to collaborate.
You will be working with end users and stakeholders at these points:
  • Empathy - between week  3 & 4 (19th-26th October)
  • Ideation - between week 5 & 6 (2nd-9th November)
  • Prototype testing - between week 7 & 8 (16th-23rd November)
Do a reflective exercise with your team

Note: Try meet 15 minutes before your session to make time for this - we will share back our reflections with the larger group at the beginning of each session.
  • How are you progressing?
  • How are we feeling?
  • What questions are we walking into the next session with?


Interested in more resources and theory?  See below for useful tools, articles and resources.