Session 5: 
Ideate - Generate

Going from problem to opportunity

Our key takeaway from session 5: 

Our main purpose in the ideation phase is to diverge our thinking to generate as many ideas as we possibly can
Using the problem as a starting point for ideation keeps us stuck and blocks our creativity
Transforming problems into opportunities is an essential starting point for ideation
Essential language for collaboration: How Might We…? and ‘Yes, and…’
The purpose of ideation isn’t to have the ‘best idea’, it is to have lots of ideas
Bad ideas can be flipped to good ideas!
It’s okay to have fun and be playful when solving complex problems
How Might We...?
“How might we” questions open up our design challenge, invites an anything is possible divergent attitude, and supports better collaboration

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Complete these tasks before the next session:
Test your HMW statement with anyone who’ll listen!
Connect with your critical friend
Do some ideation

(either in-house with other team members/colleagues or with end-users)
Do a reflective exercise with your team

Note: Try meet 15 minutes before your session to make time for this - we will share back our reflections with the larger group at the beginning of each session.
  • How are you progressing?
  • What are we noticing?
  • How are we feeling?
  • What is emerging?
  • What questions are we walking into the next session with?


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