Session 6: 
Ideate - Converge

Going from problem to opportunity

Our key takeaway from session 6: 

We spend time in the ideation to explore many different possibilities before landing on any one idea
There is a difference between ideas and aspirations
Aspirations keep the design process stuck, ideas gain support and commitment
Early convergence in ideation is about suspending judgement and continuing divergent thinking
The 5 'Hows?'
The 5 How’s - A tool for translating ideas into aspirations

Click below to download the tool


Complete these tasks before the next session:
Test your Top Seed Ideas with anyone who’ll listen!
Do some ideation with some of your problem end-users and stakeholders
Do some convergence to sift out ideas with potential from what you generate with end-users and stakeholders
Test additional seed ideas if you have time
Connect with your critical friend
Do a reflective exercise with your team

Note: Try meet 15 minutes before your session to make time for this - we will share back our reflections with the larger group at the beginning of each session.
  • How are you progressing?
  • What are we noticing?
  • How are we feeling?
  • What is emerging?
  • What questions are we walking into the next session with?


Interested in more resources and theory?  See below for useful tools, articles and resources.