Session 7: 
Design - Prototype

Turning idea’s in reality

Our key takeaway from session 7: 

Prototyping is a useful way of bringing ideas into hard reality to show up both the potential and challenges of our solutions
We converge on ideas that have potential only after we have tested them with end-users and stakeholders
End-users and stakeholders have useful and valuable ideas and perspectives to help determine potential for solving problems
There is a place for prototyping in public purpose policy
Prototypes can be a more understandable and compelling way to explain how something might work
Idea development
Idea development - A tool for strengthening your idea’s

Click below to download the tool and Storytelling Homework


Complete these tasks before the next session:
Test your prototype with anyone who’ll listen!
Connect with your critical friend
Do the team storytelling homework
Download Homework
Do a reflective exercise with your team

Note: Try meet 15 minutes before your session to make time for this - we will share back our reflections with the larger group at the beginning of each session.
  • How are you progressing?
  • What are we noticing?
  • How are we feeling?
  • What is emerging?
  • What questions are we walking into the next session with?


Interested in more resources and theory?  See below for useful tools, articles and resources.