Session 8: 
Influence - Prepare

How to tell your story of influence

Our key takeaway from session 8: 

Cultivating empathy is a key part of winning the hearts and minds of your audience
Iterating on failure is a valuable part of the design process
Leaning into and embracing failure is the best way to ensure that the final product meets user needs
Sharing low fidelity prototypes in high-stakes settings has the potential to influence cultural change in a risk averse public sector
Cultivating empathy is key part of winning the hearts and minds of your audience
Prototype testing
Prototype testing - a tool for recording feedback and iterating

Click below to download the tool and Pitch framework


Complete these tasks before the next session:
Presentation - finalise pitch and slide deck
Download FrameworkPitch Deck Template
Fireside chat - team reflection on questions and choose TWO to be asked on the day
View Questions
Have 30 minute coaching session with Kylie

Invite, Invite, Invite!

Send through presentation to Laura
by COB Tuesday 28th


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