Provide the right tools

Give internal innovators the tools they need to lead change

Selected features

Share resources

Allow employees to curate value internal or external resources by providing the context their peers need to understand the relevance to their jobs.

Access best answers

Get the best answer to any question through upvoting and let your discussions become an FAQ over time.

Integrate with Office365

Upload internal files securely through Office365.

Simple & effective goal-setting

Make it easy for employees to set goals and track progress based on what they’ve learnt.

Connect with top contributors

See who’s knowledge sharing is creating tangible changes.

Feed into performance reviews

Employees can pull the data they need to share their progress in performance review meetings.

Book expertise on-demand

Employees can bridge the gap in their own capability development needs by finding peers with the right expertise to share.

Easy scheduling

Whether it's small workshops or one-on-one coaching, remove the administration for all your internal events through the inbuilt booking system.

Intelligent search

Intelligent search engine allows employees to get the answers they need faster.

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