Grow skills and talent in your organisation
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We help your organisation build a thriving culture of innovation and leadership.
Build a Culture of learning
Make learning and sharing skills a core part of your organisations way of working together and watch peer learning flourish in your ecosystem
Highlight Internal Innovators
Create inspiring professional development opportunities to grow and retain passionate people
Collaborative capability building
Build your organisations capacity to challenge, innovate, solve complex challenges and grow together
Build Peer Learning in your organisation:
A tailored onboarding process
We tailor the onboarding process to your staff, offering help and training to maximise uptake, whilst discovering what capabilities and knowledge exists in your organisation. This helps you identify knowledge gaps and strengths and start planning the best approach for peer learning to flourish in your organisation.
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Build in-depth profiles
During onboarding we help and encourage your employees build in-depth profiles of their professional life, highlighting more than just the skills the have to offer. This allows us to gain a deeper understanding of your employees and tailor the perfect peer learning approach for your organisation, helping foster trust between the users and the platform.
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Advanced filtering and search features
We have developed a unique, proprietary method to translate all the information gathered from your employees onto our Peer Learning platform. This information is searchable through an advanced set of customisable search options and filters so that we can display all the profiles and capabilities that your organisation has to offer in a wide range of different ways, making it as easy as possible for your employees to find exactly what they are looking for.
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Seamless integration into your organisation
Our software can be fully integrated into your organisational structure, complete with your branding, following your IT guidelines, and even hosted on your server. Unique or site-wide permissions can be granted to users, and full admin rights to your IT department.
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Case Study:
See how our work, developing a peer learning ecosystem across the Victorian State Government, can be applied to help use peer learning to grow your organisation
We're ready to help your organisation learn and grow.
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Our team:
Kylie Long
Founder of Peer Academy and the School of Participatory Design and delivers innovative programs across the public sector to support the development of lasting solutions to endemic issues. Kylie has worked closely with the Victorian Public Sector to build capacity in co-design, through symposiums, masterclasses and content
Toby Parmenter
New to Australia, with a multi-disciplinary background in Product, Digital and Graphic design, and over four years experience working in the London ad/marketing agency world.

Toby focuses on using design to simplify and enhance user interactions and experience.
Anthony Cabraal
Ants is an experienced marketing and creative director, investor, co-founder and  coach of many impact driven startup initiatives. He gets a kick out of turning new ideas into reality and building teams that unlock the brilliance of their people. 

He brings a wide skill set from creative direction, growth marketing, lean startup to accelerator and innovation programme delivery on a mission to build teams, organisations and communities that solve wicked problems.
Sam Rye
Co-founder of multiple initiatives in the social and environmental sector, Sam brings an
inter-disciplinary, strategic design lens to our work. Having worked in domains from environmental conservation to youth mental health, and education to food systems, Sam brings together a background in strategy, communications, experience design, social innovation and entrepreneurship.
Ready to learn with us?
We're ready to help your organisation learn and grow.
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