Lisa Jackson
Manager Standards and Review
Emergency Management Victoria
Department of Justice and Regulation
Previously worked for:
Country Fire Authority
Lisa Jackson

I'm a self proclaimed nerd! I love learning, always have and always will. It started once I started primary school and after completing a Bachelor of Science, Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning, and a Master of Emergency Management I still have my hand in the academic world marking university assignments. Its this passion of learning that also shines through my work which is focused on supporting the emergency management sector to build capability to effectively learn from the past and present into the future. The problem with talking about culture and learning is it can seem abstract and conceptual when generally people more easily understand and enjoy tangible topics. I am proud in the work we have done so far in displaying in a tangible way the importance of learning and having a supportive culture through building governance, communication, process, training and technology.

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If you are passionate about continuous improvement, being more effective and efficient in your work through learning from others, sharing your knowledge and learnings in innovative ways and having an office culture that supports learning and improvement please get in touch!


For all of the projects mentioned I needed demonstrate clear and concise communication skills, facilitation, innovative thinking and the ability to engage diverse stakeholders in the work being undertaken.

Previous Projects

1. The development of Victorias first multi-agency lessons management framework EM-LEARN 

2. The development of Victorias first multi-agency lessons management IT system EM-Share 

3. Participating in the VPS Academy program and developing a session on how to build a culture that supports learning and improvement - which I have now run a significant amount of times for the VPS, emergency management and individual teams and organisations