Marcia Thomas
Senior Project Officer
HESG, TAFE & Participation, SEVR, Gippsland
Department of Education and Training
Previously worked for:
Prior to joining DET, I spent time working in the TAFE sector. I was also employed as a Marketing Lecturer for both RMIT and Fed Uni.
Marcia Thomas

I am driven to change the way that unemployment and social disadvantage underpin many social problems in our society.

As a mother of 4 teenagers/young adults, I witness first hand the lack of training provision for young people, and indeed many in our communities, wanting to build a career or transition to a more rewarding job. Across the region it is very difficult for many communities to access a broad education offering beyond secondary school.

This is why I have focused my career working with the Department of Education and Training in Gippsland. I want to live in a region where young people aren’t forced to relocate to Melbourne because there is very little opportunity for them to develop meaningful careers at home. I want to work towards a world where young people can be job creators, not just job seekers.

Talk to me about

What education can do to empower and sustain great communities.

The importance of collaboration and how to access untapped knowledge from across your departments.

How to transform mistakes into learning.


I enjoy engaging with a broad range of stakeholders using my networking, communication and marketing skills to achieve best outcomes. I’m dedicated to creating training experiences that provide equity in access to education, supports student’s aspirations and delivers real business results.

Previous Projects

1. Marketing and Business Development in the VET sector. 

2. International exchange program with Tokyo National College of Technology