Russell Lee
Senior Data Analyst
Children, Families, Disability and Operations Division
Department of Health and Human Services
Previously worked for:
Department of Health and Human Services
Russell Lee

I am a person who strongly believes in finding the balance in life. Whilst I operate very much in a left-brained manner (analytical, logical, structured), my wife is very much the opposite (creative, carefree, artistic). My passion for social justice is what instigated my career in government through Child Protection. And although I no longer operate in a frontline capacity, much of my work in DHHS can still be related back to Child Protection in some way, shape or form.

Whilst I am a person that sees value in a lot of the work that we already do, I am also a person that strives to find and support ways to do things better.

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I have a degree in counselling, which has supported my abilities to be empathic, understanding and actively listen to others.

Child Protection provided me with a list of skills and experiences too long to document, including case management, crisis management, and court proceedings.

Having worked in several roles centrally within DHHS, I have relied strongly on my skills with relationship building, coordination, reporting, problem solving, planning and organisation.

Previous Projects

Routine mental health checks for kids

Targeted care packages

Child Protection

Ministerial DLO