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We’re creating useful relationships between peers across the VPS.
Let’s look for answers internally before engaging costly consultants
Innovation is primarily about people rather than technology or process, it all starts with a conversation…

Learn from Internal Innovators

Around the world, people looking at the future of governance and how we might best grow contemporary capabilities efficiently and at scale to better meet the needs of citizens.
Traditionally, Government’s look outwards for solutions, however, with the growing understanding of the latent talent in Government, they are now looking inwards for the answers.

The VPS Academy is working at the forefront of this movement to shape a new way of collaborating and learning in government through peer learning.
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Build Capabilities

The initiative is auspiced under the Public Sector Innovation Strategy ‘Putting Innovation In Motion’.
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Meet your PDP

The initiative is auspiced under the Public Sector Innovation Strategy ‘Putting Innovation In Motion’.
In a dynamic ecosystem, like the VPS, new challenges are constantly arising and evolving. In order to best equip those in the ecosystem with the capabilities to address challenges as they arise we need to find the most efficient ways to leverage the existing, relevant expertise & knowledge from within.

We are looking for innovative members of the Victorian Public Sector who are interested in peer learning as a way to develop new capabilities, collaborate with their peers, grow their impact and be better equipped to tackle existing and future challenges.

Also include examples of how the work has been cited in publications overseas - for example beth novak and nesta


What is the total time investment?
Average of 50hrs per participant for either a 5 or 8 session version
How much does it cost?
The program fee is determined once the scope of support is agreed upon. Get in touch to discuss what is the best package for you.
How do I know if this program is right for me or my organisation?
This program is suitable for three specific scenarios:
1. To develop your staffs capabilities in applying the co-design methodology to a range of projects impacting your policy, services, programs and products
2. To develop innovative prototype solutions for complex problems which will require the support and commitment from a diverse range of internal and/or external stakeholders
3. Those who have a mandate to apply co-design on their project and are looking for a high integrity approach
What will I get at the end of this program?
You will have well thoughtout prototypes for real problems participants or your organisation are facing. A prototype is an early sample or model of a product, service or program built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from.
How will I recruit a diverse range of participants?
We provide you with brochures and templates to support your recruitment. In addition, potential participants can visit this page to get a good gauge of what's expected of them. We generally find that most programs we run are over subscribed with interest. Basically, you shouldn't have too much trouble with recruitment!