Most large organisations fail to leverage the capabilities and expertise of their employees. VPS Academy offers an innovative and cost effective model to improve and align learning with the strategic objectives of the organisation.

The model is simple and scalable and starts with low-risk experiments aimed at cultivating a peer learning culture and community. The success of the setup of the platform depends on a whole of system approach involving multiple platform stakeholders (owners, partners, producers and consumers) who invest in and benefit from the platform, through a variety of activities.

Recruiting multiple players

There are multiple stakeholders for VPS Academy, many of whom we worked with to develop an understanding of their motivations and needs in relation to the project. The following personas are representations of these people to illustrate some of the motivations and needs we took into account in the platform strategy phase.

Designing the platform

The Platform Schema canvas identifies who generates value in the VPS Academy, and how. It also details how how the different groups could or should be involved in platform steering activities over time. By mapping these activities, services and exchanges it starts to explore how all our users will interact with each other and the platform.
By completing the Platform Schema canvas we can distill all the information we gathered from our user personas and start to translate our findings into a strategic overview of our platform strategy. It allows us to start filling out the Platform Design Canvas (below).

The Platform Design Canvas functions as a high level overview of the strategy and model of the VPS Academy. The model provides a tactical intervention in both the strategy and operations of Government and holds a key for how the Academy can be activated and evolved over time.
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Establishing the scope

The model is simple and scalable and starts with a low-risk experiments which help to cultivate a peer learning culture and community.

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