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To design and communicate the VPS Academy, we use the Platform Design Toolkit to share some of the core aspects of the platform.

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Chapter Overview
The VPS Academy is an investment in capacity building, made through the VPS Innovation Strategy.

The VPS Academy is a leading-edge initiative which is discovering the optimal approach for scaling up peer learning opportunities in the Victorian Government.

Platform Design Toolkit

The Platform Design Toolkit helps you design services that support participants in the ecosystem evolve towards better performances and new opportunities. It can aid in the design and development of the right channels to make interactions in the ecosystem easier: by facilitating those who want to exchange value with your platform you’ll be able to generate more value.

Below are the 3 main discovery canvases we used in creating the VPS Academy. 
  • The Ecosystem Canvas - used to identify the owners, stakeholders and users of the platform.
  • The Ecosystem Entity Portrait - used to find out the specific opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and access for each of the user groups identified on the ecosystem canvas. 
  • The Platform Schema - used to help translate the insights gained on the user groups into a more holistic strategy that can be mapped on the Platform Design Canvas. 
  • The Platform Design Canvas - used to map out how every will interact and what services and channels could be designed into the VPS Academy to maximise the potential of each user group.
Download the full Platform Design Toolkit


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  • The Lean Comms Canvas - We recommend you use a Lean Comms Canvas; a tool developed to support teams who need to create lightweight communications strategies, and evolve them over time.
  • Content Creation Emails - A chain of weekly emails to send users that can help them turn their capabilities and knowledge into easily presentable formats. This is a key concept for Suggested Experiment 3
  • Peer Academy Resource Hub - A resource hub to be coupled with the Content Creation Emails to help users productise knowledge. This is a key concept for Suggested Experiment 3
Hint: multi-page communications strategies and plans are a poor investment if they are over a timescale of about 1 month to 6 weeks, as the context shifts and we miss the opportunity to change our approach based on new learning. We suggest completing a Canvas for no more than 1 month timeline to begin with, then revisiting a week or so before the month is up to prepare for the next cycle.

Platform Access & Updates

How to access and update the CMS backend system

The below image and downloadable pdf sheet give instructions on how to access the Webflow backend for the Platform, edit text on the web pages and to add, edit or delete Profiles and Capabilities.

If you require support at any time, please contact: [email protected]
Download the Instruction Sheet